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About The Iona Community

The Isle of Iona is a small island off the west coast of Scotland, where in 563 Columba founded a Celtic monastery that was very influential in its own times. In the middle ages it was the site of a Benedictine abbey and over the centuries has attracted many thousands of people on their own pilgrim journeys.

George MacLeod

George MacLeod

The Iona Community, founded in 1938 by the Rev George MacLeod, then a parish minister in Glasgow ,is an ecumenical Christian community that is committed to seeking new ways of living the Gospel in today’s world. Initially this purpose was expressed through the rebuilding of the monastic quarters of the mediaeval abbey on Iona and pursued in mission and ministry throughout Scotland and beyond.

The Community today remains committed to rebuilding the common life, through working for social and political change, striving for the renewal of the church with an ecumenical emphasis, and exploring new more inclusive approaches to worship, all based on an integrated understanding of spirituality.

The Iona Community Today

The Iona Community has almost 250 Members, mostly in Britain, over 1500 Associate Members and around 1400 Friends worldwide. An ecumenical community of men and women from different walks of life and different traditions in the Christian church, its members share a common Rule which includes:

  • Daily prayer and reading the Bible
  • Mutual accountability for their use of time and money
  • Regular meeting together
  • Action and reflection for justice, peace and the integrity of creation

The Community’s mainland home is in Glasgow, the base for:

  • The administration of the Community
  • Its work with young people
  • Its publishing house, Wild Goose Publications, and its magazine, ‘Coracle’
  • Its association in the revitalising of worship with the Wild Goose Resource Group

Members meet regularly throughout the year in local groups and in 4 plenary gatherings, including a week on Iona. As a Community, members corporately and individually pursue some particular areas of concern:

  • Justice, peace and the integrity of creation (opposing nuclear weapons, campaigning against the arms trade and for ecological justice)
  • Political and cultural action to combat racism
  • Action for economic justice, locally, nationally and globally
  • TIssues in human sexuality
  • discovering new and relevant approaches to worship
  • Work with young people
  • The deepening of ecumenical dialogue and communion
  • Inter-religious relations.

The Iona Community – New World Foundation

You may support the Iona Community and its work in the following ways.

Persons living in the United States, can engage in activities, in the USA, that support the same concerns, here at home, as Community members are seeking to address in the islands. They can also support one another through prayers for one another. Members in the USA and abroad engage in a cycle of prayer in which they support each other through a cycle of prayer.

United States citizens, residents, and corporations may obtain income tax deductions for their contributions, within the terms of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code, by sending checks to the order of the Iona Community New World Foundation, Inc. in the care of Kirkridge, 2495 Fox Gap Rd, Bangor PA 18013

American visitors at the Abbey may leave checks in the office to be forwarded on to the Treasurer.  This foundation has been held by the IRS to be a tax exempt charity, and all funds collected are for the work of the Iona Community.  A receipt as required by the IRS will be sent to each donor.

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